michael ray and the plastic sheets live at the blue moon

fucklife may 28

the first and possibly only michael ray and the plastic sheets live performance

wickt and thee wickermen live at the josephine

fucklife may 28

wickt and thee wickermen play the fucklife acoustic music festival!! this could be the last chance to see either of these bands for a long time, if ever

out now!!!


wickt - zizka


michael ray and the plastic sheets - sometimes a man...


beyond the soul of the demon goddess at the Josephine

beyond the soul april 18

beyond the soul of the demon goddess is playing this sunday at the josephine. get there early for doom

out now!!!


latex premonition - i can't believe its not prole feed

the debut by latex premonition. featuring todd roberts of handjobinvolved and the s.l.f. house band.



wickt at the morgue

oct 18

slicing grandpa at harshfest night III

oct 18

slicing grandpa will be playing saturday november 14 at the josephine



beyond the soul of the demon goddess at the mars bar

aug 29


SLF live!!!

methfest 2009

aug 14

beyond the soul of the demon goddess will be playing at the funhouse for the second night of the legendary methfest.

wickt at the josephine

aug 24

wickt will be playing a special set composed specifically for this show. they start promptly at 8 so get there early.

coup de barre

coup de barre is a new band featuring nick martinez. they played their first show this july. check them out on myspace.



out now!!!


joy von spain - lady lazarus

the s.l.f. debut by the notorious joy von spain.

upcoming shows

thee wickermen at studio 7 CRYPTICON!

jun 4

thee wickermen are thee "and more." this should prove to be a magical night.

thee wickermen / krash un lurne at the funhouse

jun 21

backwards nw vs. the s.l.f. at the josephine

june 27

out now!!!


kount fistula - magick sex world

the long awaited new double album.


beyond the soul of the demon goddess

the debut ep from 3/4 of kount fistula


thee wickermen at the barnhouse

apr 3

folk madness doom


live! god damn!

beyond the soul of the demon goddess at the josephine

mar 22

we were hoping to have a fist show but unfortunately charlotte could not make it.


live! live! live!

slicing grandpa at the josephine

feb 28

slicing grandpa will be joined by several slf family members

thee wickermen at mr spots chai house

mar 8

two more shows featuring slf bands this month. stay tuned for more.


live! live! live!

7718 at threat

feb 11

slicing grandpa at full tilt

feb 14

slicing grandpa at the josephine

feb 26

three more shows featuring slf bands this month. stay tuned for more.


beyond the soul of the demon goddess

feb 3

short notice but it will be fun


out now!!! (finally)


thee wickermen - vaginal sacrifices

thee wickermen's debut ablum of folk doom.


michael ray and the plastic sheets - red, black and pink

the debut of the slf's first country western band.

coming soon

next in line for the printer is the debut release from beyond the soul of the demon goddess and the farewell kount fistula album, magick sex world.


beyond the soul of the demon goddess

dec 30

thee wickermen

PINK PONG! a night of pink floyd tributes.

Yokai no Uta

~Dyna Girl

Sparkle Girl

Thee Wickermen

Heather Dow

Forrest Friends

Ivory in Ice World

Dialing In

wednesday december 31

the josephine

608 nw 65th st, seattle




the long awaited spsmds/takeroot retrospective is finally finished and should be out within the next week or two. it took ten years. it will be limited to 30 copies with no chance of reprint. doom.


laux fest monster

oct 21



laux fest monster

the return of the laux fest. one night, four bands featuring john laux.

beyond the soul of the demon goddess

slicing grandpa

krash un lurne

poor spores

tuesday october 21

the funhouse

5 earth monies

21+ 9pm

monster arms 3

monster arms 3

COMING SOON. be afraid, be very afraid.


in the works

there are a few things in the works around here including the debut latex premonition and beyond the soul of the demon goddess releases. we are also in various states of completion with new krash un lurne, kount fistula and thee wickermen releases.


we added a page for michael ray and the plastic sheets as well as links to a few new mystupid pages.



we added the sites for both thee wickermen and beyond the soul of the demon goddess.


thee wickermen

aug 14




7718 - weighing the crows and pawns

the debut release for 7718 is finally available for your listening pleasure.

7718 live at harsh fest


beyond the soul of the demon goddess


beyond the soul of the demon goddess

beyond the soul of the demon goddess - june 25 2008


wickt - june 28 2008

thank you so much to all of you who came out to our shows. with a very special thanks to michael sheets for providing such fabulous visuals during the wickt show.

thee wickermen

thee wickermen will be playing this years meth fest!!! more info soon.

coming soon

the michael ray and the plastic sheets and thee wickermen debuts are finished and should be available soon. also, the beyond the soul of the demon goddess and new kount fistula records are nearing completion.


kount fistula

beyond the soul of the demon goddess

june 25

this show is no longer going to be a kount fistula show. the gods have decided that our dear lady charlotte will not be able to make the journey north. this is indeed sad news as we here at the slf were quite excited about being reunited with her. cry not my children. all will be well. the show will still go on, only now it will be the debut performance of the band, beyond the soul of the demon goddess. this is the three remaining members of kount fistula with a slightly different yet equally doomy sound.



we are glad to say that we have received the 7718 cds from press and are beginning to manufacture of the cases.

thee wickermen

vaginal sacrifices, the debut record from thee wickermen is almost finished and should be out in the next month or so. they also just returned to the studio for a quick session to record a few tracks for an upcoming split 7" with king dude. look for that release in the late summer.

slicing grandpa

due to demand we are printing another batch of slicing grandpa's newest album,"the spirits of doug and w". we hope to have copies available again in the next week or so.

krash un lurne

krash un lurne has just about finished up the recording of their third record so be expecting that soon.


kount fistula

kount fistula will be playing at the funhouse on june 25. we will post more later.


no fest flyer

wickt will be playing on saturday june 28th at the hanta house.



we are happy to say that we are sending the 7718 masters out this week for reproduction. hopefully we will be printing the the cases soon as well.

michael ray and the plastic sheets

michael ray

the photo shoots are done. be warned.


thee wickermen are coming!!!

the slf is pleased to announce the signing of thee wickermen to it's prestigious roster. This brainchild of gerald hansen, john laux and nicholas martinez promises to redefine the folk experience.

magic sex world

magic sex world is the name of the new kount fistula record which should be out within the next month or so. we are currently finishing up the artwork and mixing of doom. doom.


believe it or not we actually began this little project of ours as a means to distribute poetry. although we are primarily focused on music right now we thought there should be some record of all that we have done. expect pages dedicated to these fine poets to go up over the next few weeks.


out now!!!

we are very pleased to announce that the noisepoetnobody release is finally available.


noisepoestnobody and tom swafford - butoh by the fireside

a special collaboration between noisepoetnobody and tom swafford in accompaniment to butoh by alex ruhe.


out now!!!


eznoiz - smoove werx

jon jentzsch's stab at noise.


wickt - ah puch

the second record is finally done. doom.


kount fistula - songs from the big hair

four new songs from kount fistula. first fist on vinyl.


slicing grandpa - spirits of doug + w

slicing grandpa returns to the slf with an album of covers. be warned, its catching.


plain - back steak outhouse

we are glad to add another fine project featuring john "slicing" laux to our roster. this is plain's second album and their first with us. pizza.

other news

- i have added pages for both 7718 and noisepoetnobody. we are currently assembling the cases for the noisepoetnobody cd so that should be out in the next few weeks. the 7718 album shouldn't be too much longer but we will see.

- there are a couple of pictures of us making some cases in the contact section. have a look.


coming soon...

michael ray

michael ray and the plastic sheets


wickt live 12-09-07



john white

pseudo j

Mr Spots Chai House

5463 Leary Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

Saturday Dec 9 - 6 to 9 pm - all ages - free


Kount Fistula Live 7-21-07

we will be playing at the fried chicken barge on july 21 2007. here is the info

werewolf jerusalem


termio sect

Kount Fistula

fried chicken barge

4800 airport way s

Saturday July 21 - 8 pm - all ages - 3 - 5$


Kount Fistula Live 7-14-07

we will be playing at the funhouse on july 14 2007. here is the info


Pink Reason (Wisconson)

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones (Wisconson)

Kount Fistula

The Funhouse

Saturday July 17 - 9:30 pm - 21+ - 6$


new releases

thats right kids lots going on around here. first i am glad to announce that we have finally finished several new slf releases. in no particular oder: kount fistula - dudeical visions, thorstone - old or dead, slicing grandpa - electric shitstorm+3, tractor sex fatality - the early year. we are also very close to finishing: brigham - retardenomicon, learsi - traginomicon, and handjobinvolved - contractual obligations - live 2006, oracle - xc.

live shows

wickt - friday, march 16 - rendezvous - 5$ - 21+ - cognitive dissidents presents ffej, inboil, tom's string thing, wickt and noise poet nobody. ------- kount fistula - friday, march 23 - rendezvous - 5$ - 21+ - factums, a frames, and kount fistula. DAMN!!


More Kount Fistula Shows

Kount Fistula has three upcoming shows…


Chop Suey

Wednesday, January 17th at 9pm

with... Weird Lords

Axis of Evil

5 earth monies 21+


Rendezvous-Jewel Box Theater

Saturday, February 3rd at 10pm


with... Dead!

Penetration Camp

more TBA

5 earth monies 21+


The Funhouse

Friday, March 2nd at 9:30pm

with... The Intelligence

Birthday Suits

6 earth monies 21+


Arachnid Arcade with guests!

Frequent SLF Co-conspirator Arachnid Arcade will be performing with guests on Friday, December 29th at the Lobo Saloon (433 Eastlake Ave E.) Start time is approximately 9pm with the cost being 5 (five) earth monies. Also gracing the stage with pleasant sounds will be Fruhe Werke, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Wind Swept Plains. For those of you who prefer to get your SLF sounds via plastic discs, Slicing Grandpa, Tractor Sex Fatality, handjobinvolved, Thorstone and Kount Fistula will all have sonic contributions, convienently converted to 1s and 0s for you in the very near future!


Secret Surprise - Congratulations

Secret Surprise's debut CD, Congratulations, is officially released!

...also, Thorstone - Old or Dead, Slicing Grandpa - Electric Shitstorm +3, and Tractor Sex Fatality - The Early Year will all be released within the very near future...a whole platter of new SLF stuff to keep your ears happy!


Kount Fistula Rides Again

Kount Fistula will be playing another show Tuesday, November 21st at the Funhouse in Seattle. Details as follows:

Kount Fistula


Pink Reason

Nice Smile

At the Funhouse,206 5th Avenue N, Seattle WA

Tuesday Nov. 21, 9:30pm

$5 21+


SLF Artist Thorstone in the movies

Songs from both the Thorstone album and ep will be featured in two different snowboarding movies: IR77 and Time for Change. Congratulations, to Thorstone and to the rest of you all, go check them out.


Upcoming Fist and Wickt Shows!

Kount Fistula and Wickt will be playing halloween weekend at the lovely hanta house. Thats right, two sets from the slf in one night. damn.

here is the info:


microscopic suffering


syphilis sauna

kount fistula

penetration camp

goly grim

blue sabbath black cheer


saturday october 28th

the hanta house

(4750 airport way south, in georgetown)

all ages

suggested donation of 5$

starts at 7pm sharp!!!!


It's alive

Welcome to the SLF site, we are proud to have the knowledge of computerese interweb stuff. The following albums are coming out soon: Oracle - XC, Tractor Sex Fatality - The Early Year, Thorstone - Old or Dead, Secret Surprise - Congratulations, Slicing Grandpa - Electric Shitstorm +3, handjobinvolved - Live. Brigham, wickt, Krash un Lurne, Kount Fistula, 7718, and the final euphondisson album, are in various stages of tracking and mixing and should be finished soon.