krash un lurne


Every thousand years a band comes along with a sound that is unlike anything you have ever heard before. A noise that can do no more then to change the way music is heard forever. Well we may not be that band, but we very well may change your listening style and your preconceived notions of a genre band. Krash un Lurne arose from humble beginnings no more then a year ago. Having taken off our rose colored glasses we became hell bent on creating guitar driven dark rock stripped down to it's simplest form. A writhing guitar, searing vocals and hypnotic beats from a mechanical box on the floor. Throw in some special guest session players on occasion and you have this goth, punk, metal, emo thing with just enough bitterness to make you feel uncomfortable. Experience it. Join the KULective!

SLF cd52

lll: the end is nein

2008   slfcd52

  • john laux
  • mighty ross t.
  • ole vibro
  • with
  • gerald hansen
  • nicholas martinez
  • goodbye
  • junky
  • better than yesterday
  • blood orange
  • jessamyn's lips
  • field of green
  • now i'm pissed
  • two days
  • three quick hits

SLF cd28

lifetime of pain

2006   slfcd28

  • john laux
  • mighty ross t.
  • ole vibro
  • with
  • gerald hansen
  • charlotte auRevoir
  • demons
  • crashing whores
  • blood from tears
  • month of madness
  • it's not you
  • life is perfect
  • so tired
  • push
  • legend of julie

SLF cd22

release the hounds

2005   slfcd22

  • john laux
  • mighty ross t.
  • ole vibro
  • with
  • gerald hansen
  • release the hounds
  • cut you up
  • peel away the layers
  • my life dies
  • pity
  • rip it up



SLF cd57


the slf covers compilation

2009   SLFcd57

  • krash un lurne - i think we're alone now
  • slicing grandpa - its so easy
  • beyond the soul of the demon goddess - don't
  • telethon murders - i think i'm a mother
  • handjobinvolved - death of a salesman
  • euphondisson - transmission
  • kount fistula - time to melt
  • bsbc - no, i'm iron man
  • eznoiz - friends in low places
  • mangoose - the devil went down to georgia
  • michael ray and the plastic sheets - shivers
  • thee wickermen - so what
  • wickt - partyland
  • latex premonition - good for my soul