7718 was born at some unspecified time in a forgettable Midwestern town. A rustbelt transplant on Northwest soil. Habitual herb-smoker and chronic masturbator that he is, he is still somehow able to find time to be creative now and again. Between manic bouts of abstract euphoria and hellish introversion he listens to beats produced by his cohorts and writes and practices raps. An entire album has been spawned from this neurotic behavior, and, by the looks of it, more to come. Currently representing Scatological Liberation Front and Backwards NW, he'll play any stage. His narcissism and inexhaustible rage propel him toward oblivion. 7718.

SLF cd49

weighing the crows and pawns

2008   SLFcd49

  • 7718
  • with
  • syphilis sauna
  • cursed chimera
  • noah nine
  • gerald hansen
  • plus
  • michelle mukai
  • robb foxx
  • entro
  • fear
  • phuk the bling bling
  • hybrid
  • dragon style
  • drawn ta dawn
  • earth-dweller,s lament
  • faded
  • report
  • the ebb and the
  • solo / so low
  • skeleton key
  • fear II