latex premonition

latex premonition

latex premonition is a somewhat nebulous entity

latex premonition is one (parenthetical) motherfucker

(for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
for every accident, there is an equal and opposite reaccident)

latex premonition is not a product
latex premonition is not a consumer good
latex premonition is not a commodity
latex premonition is not for sale
latex premonition is not an icon
(do not project your hopes and fears upon latex premonition)

latex premonition is an evolutionary atrocity
latex premonition is not so much a message as it is a delivery system

latex premonition is now

SLF cd55

I can't believe its not prole feed

2009   SLFcd55

  • todd roberts
  • with
  • gerald hansen
  • evan martinez
  • nicholas martinez
  • john laux

  • front cover artwork: "Against the Masses"
  • by Laura Hutchinson
  • devil
  • walking
  • mad
  • o.o.
  • f.f.
  • dreamer
  • still
  • ocean
  • nothing
  • showdown
  • gravity
  • celestial
  • weather
  • convo
  • verge
  • safe



SLF cd57


the slf covers compilation

2009   SLFcd57

  • krash un lurne - i think we're alone now
  • slicing grandpa - its so easy
  • beyond the soul of the demon goddess - don't
  • telethon murders - i think i'm a mother
  • handjobinvolved - death of a salesman
  • euphondisson - transmission
  • kount fistula - time to melt
  • bsbc - no, i'm iron man
  • eznoiz - friends in low places
  • mangoose - the devil went down to georgia
  • michael ray and the plastic sheets - shivers
  • thee wickermen - so what
  • wickt - partyland
  • latex premonition - good for my soul